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About Our Parish Council:

Faith and Baptism call each Catholic to his or her unique role in the Church and in the world. The role of membership on the Parish Council is a call to exercise servant leadership. The 12 council members have a vested interest in the life and development of the parish and want to help the pastor. Our Pastoral Council is not a group of experts in catechesis, liturgy, pastoral care or education. The Council’s primary gift is practical wisdom.

Meetings are open to all parishioners. Parishioners seeking council consideration of a matter will submit it to the officers for their decision to include it on an Agenda. Presenters seeking council action will be considered at the next meeting.

See our brochure for more information about the council and a list of contacts.

Parish Council Brochure and Constitution

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2016 – 17 Parish Council Meetings

May Agenda Minutes

Sep Agenda Minutes

Nov Agenda Minutes

Jan Agenda Minutes

March Agenda Minutes

May Agenda Minutes

Meet Our Council Members

Robert F. Lyaski

Robert is a Greece, NY resident and parishioner at Our Mother of Sorrows church for more than forty years. Robert and his wife Sandra have two children – Matthew and Barbara. He is a U.S. Navy veteran, honorably discharged in 1969. He graduated with honors from Alfred State SUNY College of Technology, studying Electrical Industrial Technology. Robert retired from Kodak after 32 years of service. In the community, he enjoys participating in a Day of Caring at Matthew Talbot Ministries sponsored by Kodak. His hobbies include gardening and shooting sports.

As a parishioner, Robert is active: preparing for Sunday mass, hospital visitation, collection, and serving funeral Masses.

Amy Bray Amy and her husband Bob were married at Our Mother of Sorrows church. She has 2 daughters, and two grandchildren. Her “roots are closely tied to this parish.” She grew up as a parishioner while attending OMOS elementary school and religious education classes during high school. Since retiring from the University of Rochester, Amy enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, gardening, exercising, and volunteering at the Women’s Care Center.

Maria Infield

Maria lives in Greece, NY with her husband and daughters. She has worked in the private and public sectors since 1999. Maria earned BS and MS degrees from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Maria is active in the community, serving on the Board of Directors at Catholic Charities Community Services, and the Parents' Association Board at Our Lady of Mercy High School.

Kelly Batz

(Secretary) Kelly lives in Greece, NY with her husband David. She is a Health & Wellness Manager at St. John’s Home for 10 years, and a nurse for 39 years. Kelly is active in local nursing groups Kelly spends time with family in Ft Myers. Her hobbies are quilting and drawing.

Ann Marie Lagonegro

Ann Marie is a parishioner at Our Mother of Sorrows just over a year. Her enthusiasm is captured by her recent comment: “The more I participate in church activities and services, the more I am ‘drawn in’ to the church by the welcoming and enthusiastic people.” Professionally, Ann Marie enjoys a rewarding career in nursing. She currently works as a Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health. Ann Marie’s son, Ian, and his wife Danielle, have three lovely and accomplished children. In December, Ann Marie will be blessed with another granddaughter Tessa Ellie. “Fr. Bill’s vision, empathy, and way of sharing the sacredness of the Eucharist have been pivotal in my decision to join this church and my willingness to serve on Parish Council.”

Nancy Neary

I lived in Greece and grew up in Paddy Hill area. I was baptized in the old church and attended Our Mother of Sorrows school. I'm active in Women's Guild and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Wordene (Dene) Day

Wordene Day, (better known as Dene) is blessed with one daughter and three grandsons. She currently works at Frontier Communications, going into her 48th year. As a volunteer in our community, Dene is on the board of the Frontier Pioneers, a volunteer group, helping those in need in our community. She enjoys singing with a Barbershop Group, Rochester Rhapsody. Dene sings in the choir, and cantors at Our Mother of Sorrows church. After the church the she was attending closed, Dene joined OMOS, where her daughter went to school; it was like coming home – “I love this church.” “Serving on the Parish Council is just one way I hope I can give back to God for all he has given me.”

Jennifer LozyLester (Chair)

Jennifer Lozy-Lester has been a parishioner at Mother of Sorrows for 22 years. She has six children with her husband H.J. Lozy-Lester. Jennifer has worked for Social Security for 17 years. Prior to that she worked in human resources in the private sector. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in Psychology and from Cornell University with a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. She is currently matriculated in a Master of Arts - Theological Studies degree program at St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry in Pittsford, NY. Jennifer is committed to serving our parish community. She has a blog at www.jenlsquared.com.

Rolf Miller (Cochair)

Born in NYC, Rolf moved to Rochester, NY to pursue graduate studies in Economics at the University of Rochester. Although frequently traveling across the U.S. and abroad as an IT consultant, he is proud to call Rochester home with his wife Marcia, a daughter and two grandchildren. Rolf served in the U. S. Army NATO, discharged honorably after 6 years of service. In his community, Rolf put his career on hold for 2 years while working at the Villa of Hope in Rochester. He met many personal challenges as a volunteer at AIDS Rochester where he performed advocacy and support services for people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Rolf has been a parishioner at Mother of Sorrows for 15 years, completing the RCIA process. As a member of the council, Rolf hopes to apply his servant leadership and consensus building approach to tasks which contribute to the vitality of the Our Mother of Sorrow church.

Patrick McCaffery

Patrick is a member of the Parish since 1985. Parish roles include, Vice President of the Men's Club, Usher at the 8:00 Mass and Adult Altar Server. He has two daughters: Tammy (Sean) and Tracy, and a granddaughter, Sadie 2 years old.

Besides his granddaughter, Patrick’s passion is painting landscapes and wildlife.

Greg Hubbel

Greg Hubbel and his beautiful wife Stephanie have 9 living children ranging from 27 to 11. Greg has worked for Eastman Kodak, and Kodak Alaris as a system engineer for nearly 30yrs. He and his wife are natives of Toledo, Ohio. Their family is very happy to be at Our Mother of Sorrows after returning this past year. They are excited to be involved in this vibrant and growing parish!

Emilee Dauphinee

Emilee has been a part of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish for her entire life. She is a very active member in the parish. She sings in the choir, cantors, serves as an extraordinary minister, and is an altar server. She is also a catechist for the Jr. and Sr. High faith formation, serves on Liturgy Committee and is a part of the Church youth group. This is her first year in parish council and she is very excited to serve our beloved parish. She is currently in eleventh grade attending Greece Arcadia High School. In college, Emilee plans to minor in catholic heritage and religious studies, and major in Biology and Education.

Fr. William G. Coffas (Pastor)

Fr. William G. Coffas, the son of William and Carol Coffas, grew up in Irondequoit and was a member of St. Ambrose Parish, now Peace of Christ. He has three sisters. On June 12, 2004, he was ordained a priest in his home parish of St. Ambrose. Fr. Coffas first served three years as parochial vicar at the Blessed Trinity/St. Patrick Parish in Tioga County and was then assigned to Our Lady of Peace in Geneva, New York for three years. In May of 2010, Fr. Coffas was named the Rector of Becket Hall, a house of discernment for men considering joining the seminary. At the same time, he served as a priest for St. Thomas More and Our Lady Queen of Peace in Brighton. Fr. Coffas was also elected to the Priest Personnel Board and appointed by The Most Rev. Salvatore R. Matano to the Presbyteral Council for the Diocese of Rochester. In the spring of 2015, Bishop Matano named Fr. Coffas the pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows in Greece, New York. In August of 2016, Fr. Coffas was made a member of the College of Consultors for the Diocese of Rochester. Fr. Coffas also serves as a member for the Clinical Pastoral Education Board at Rochester General Hospital. Father Bill enjoys cooking and spending time with family and friends. In his down time, he also enjoys exercising at the gym or walking along Lake Ontario. Fr. Bill also likes to spend time appreciating various works of art.


Pastoral Council Constitution

Core Statement

Our Mother of Sorrows is a parish community seeking to be formed by Jesus Christ through meeting him in the Gospel and in the Eucharist. We are committed to daily prayer and study to fuel our efforts to become a more generous people sharing our faith and blessings. We embrace Pope Francis’ call to show God’s love and compassion to all.

As detailed in the Parish By-Laws, every parish in the Diocese of Rochester is to have a Parish Pastoral Council (“The Council”). The Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the pastor.

In pursuit of this mission, the Pastoral Council will be guided by these goals:

1.To be a united parish

2.To call forth lay leadership and participation

3.To make full use of the richness of our diversity

4.To communicate with each other, respectfully, sensitively, openly and with trust

5.To represent the parishioners of Our Mother of Sorrows parish

6.To strengthen and increase our parish membership

7.To help the needy

8.To promote social justice

9.To pray for God’s guidance, that we may do God’s will

Article I

Purpose of the Pastoral Council

Section 1 The specific purposes of the Pastoral Council are:

•to develop a common vision and purpose, actively advocate for the poor and the powerless, and to extend Christian commitment to the surrounding neighborhoods and communities;

•to orchestrate a statement of mission for the parish community and become the reference point for activity in the parish;

•to provide recommendations for parish priorities, directions and policies through pastoral planning for worship, evangelization, outreach, stewardship, etc.;

•to promote communication, understanding, and collaboration among parish organizations and between the parish, the bishop, the diocese and the universal Church.

Pastoral leadership is a ministry of service. Pastoral leadership and authority cannot be separated from the action of service which builds up community and empowers its members to reach their full individual stature.

Article II


Section 1 1.Pastoral Council membership is composed of two groups:

2.Members “Called” to serve

a.Ex-officio members including Pastoral leader of Our Mother of Sorrows

b.One additional staff member appointed by the Pastoral Leader

Section 2 Members are called through a lottery process under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (See Acts 1:15-26). The Chairperson will appoint a Selection Committee annually to conduct and complete the lottery process by the first Sunday of May. Each year the Selection Process will determine four (4) Called Members and three (3) Alternates. The process will actively promote nominations from all parishioners. It shall be completed by mid-April. New members will be welcomed to the May Council meeting.

Section 3 There shall be a total of twelve (12) Called Members representative of the parishioners.

Section 4 Terms of service:

a.A member may serve for two consecutive three-year terms. After one year of a break in service, a new cycle may commence.

b.After serving one (1) term, a Called Member is not eligible to serve again until two years have elapsed.

c.Alternates serve one (1) year unless called to complete the term of a Called Member

Section 5 Qualifications for Called Members:

a.Baptized and Confirmed Roman Catholic

b.Enrolled Member of Our Mother of Sorrows

c.Devoted to Church and Parish

d.Open to the ideas of others

e.Willing to give time, talent and treasure

In addition, he or she should possess the following gifts necessary for pastoral leadership:

a.a desire for spiritual growth in oneself and in the parish;

b.eagerness to participate in parish decisions about its direction;

c.willingness to listen, speak openly and honestly, and to work toward consensus;

d.integrity in articulating what one has heard and what one believes;

e.the ability to inspire and empower others and to delegate; and

f.cooperation, flexibility and openness with people and ideas

Section 6 The Pastor and Officers together may create no more than three appointed slots per year on the Council to broaden representation or fill a specific need. Appointed members will

serve one (1) year terms renewable for no more than three years total and are full voting members.

Article III Executive Structure

Section 1 Every Council should have an executive committee composed of chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary. These members are normally elected by full membership of the Council. The task of the group is to develop an overall working plan for the year, which identifies the issues facing the council and estimates when the council will be dealing with the issue.

In addition, the executive committee should meet with the pastor before each Council meeting to prepare the agenda and design processes for each meeting to facilitate the agenda and design processes for each meeting to facilitate the agenda. The agenda should be sent out in advance with the date, time and location of the meeting.

Section 2 Pastor

The pastor represents the parish in all juridical matters and is charged to administer the goods of the parish according to the norms of the universal and particular Church. While he normally does not chair the meeting, the pastor presides at all Pastoral Council meetings and actively listens to the Council’s deliberations.

When appropriate, the pastor may assist the Council in developing a consensus around a particular issue by sharing information, providing his own perspectives or identifying common elements or areas of agreement that seem present in the Council’s discussion. The pastor, as minister of governance in the parish, is the final authorizer of any course of action.

The pastor should set the context for the Council’s discussion by sharing Church teaching and/or setting the parameters for acceptable alternatives. The pastor is the convener of the executive committee and is ultimately responsible for assuring the Council’s effective operation. A pastor may not dissolve the Pastoral Council without written approval of the bishop.

Section 3 Chairperson

The chairperson, elected by the council membership, must be the servant of the group. She/he should be an enabler and facilitator of the council, promoting inclusion and participation, keeping the meetings on track, being sensitive to conflict and helping to resolve conflicts positively.

The Chairperson will:

a.Prepare and preside at all Council meetings

b.Serve as ex officio member of all parish committees

c.Call special meetings of the Council in agreement with the Pastor

d.Appoint committees on a temporary basis for specific tasks

e.Work closely with the Secretary to record, transcribe and send to Chairperson in a timely fashion minutes of Council meetings

f.Oversee preparation and distribution of minutes and agendas to members in a timely fashion

g.Establish an ongoing process of evaluation of the council’s effectiveness

Section 4 Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson will:

a.In the absence or resignation of the Chairperson, will assume all the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, exercising them as the need arises

b.Become Chairperson at the conclusion of the May meeting

c.Keep an up-to-date roster of Council members and committees distributing them as needed

Section 5 The Secretary will:

a.Maintain minutes, agendas, records, correspondence, reports, and communications of the Council’s social and business activities.

b.Prepare and send communications related to the Council’s social and business matters.

Section 6 Selection of Officers:

At the May meeting, when business is concluded, exiting members will be thanked and the meeting turned over to the Chairperson Elect. New members will then be seated and the newly composed Council will choose the Vice Chairperson and Secretary for the following year. These officers shall serve until the adjournment of the following. Year’s regular May meeting. By September 1, the new Chairperson will appoint Council Members to serve as liaisons to each committee in the parish.

Section 7

Should need arise to replace an officer(s) and a replacement process not be provided for elsewhere in this Constitution, the Pastor at a regular or special meeting shall ask the Council members to determine a: replacement.

Article IV Meetings

Section 1 Meetings will be conducted in the months of September, October, November, January, February, April and May.

Section 2 The Chairperson and Pastoral Leader may call special meetings if forty-eight (48) hour notice is given.

Section 3 Meeting agendas will be prepared by the officers and sent to Council members at least forty-eight (48) hours before the meeting.

Section 4 Three-fourths () of combined called and appointed members must be present to constitute the quorum needed to take any action.

Section 5 All members have an equal voice in meeting discussions and votes. All points of view are to be listened to and commented on in a respectful, appreciative manner. Members will seek information and varied opinions, will weigh options and will focus on Council goals (See Core Mission) to come as close as possible to consensus on decisions.

Section 6 Meetings are open to all parishioners. Ordinarily, individuals seeking Council

consideration of a matter will submit it to the officers for their decision to include it on an Agenda. When parishioners come to a meeting without prior notification of their desire to address the Council, the Council President will determine whether or not to allow them to do so during the meeting. If granted, visitors will be given five (5) minutes to make their presentation. Presentations seeking Council action will be considered at the next Council meeting.

Section 7 Attendance at regular meetings:

a.Should a Member not be able to attend a meeting, he/she shall notify the

Chairperson or Chairperson Elect prior to the meeting. Three (3) absences without prior notification to the Chairperson or Chairperson Elect will constitute a notice of resignation from the Council.

b.Absence from four (4) regularly scheduled Council meetings in a year, with or without notification of the Chairperson or Chairperson Elect will constitute a notice of resignation.

Section 8 Council Relationship to Finance Council, Committees and Lay Trustees

Neither the Pastoral Council nor the Finance Council is subordinate to the other; rather they are both advisors to the pastor). While each operates independently to the other, it is imperative to have good communication between the two.

Additionally, to ensure proper alignment, all committees should be subordinate to either the Pastoral Council or the Finance Council. The presiding council must approve the chairs of all subordinate committees.

Also, to ensure the pastor (or pastoral administrator) receives advice from the lay trustees that considers all viewpoints; the two lay trustees will serve as ex-officio members on either the Pastoral or Finance Councils – with one lay trustee serving on each council.

Article V

Amending the Constitution

Section 1 Two Council meetings are required to amend this Constitution. At least one (1) week prior to the first meeting all Council members shall receive a written copy of the draft of the amendment(s). The amendment(s) shall be discussed at the first meeting and adjustments may be made to this first draft. At least one (1) week prior to the second Council meeting, all members shall receive a written copy of the final draft. This final draft is to be voted on at the second meeting.


Problem: 3 year terms, we have 1 Parish Council member in her 3rd year of service, 5 Parish Council Members who are in their 2nd year of service and 6 Parish Council Members who are in their 1st year of service. The Council is supposed to be comprised of 12 members. Each year 4 members are supposed to retire and 4 new members will join based on elections in May.

Potential Solution:

2016-2017: 1 3rd year member, 5 2nd year members, 6 new members = 12 members

2017-2018: 5 3rd year members, 6 2nd year members, 4 new members = 15 members

2018-2019: 6 3rd year members, 4 2nd year members, 4 new members = 14 members

2019-2020: 4 3rd year members, 4 2nd year members, 4 new members = 12 members

Each year 2 youth representatives would also serve in addition to the Trustee and Fr. Bill. Two alternates will be chosen in addition to the 12 regular Parish Council Members. An alternate will be asked to become a Parish Council member should one of the regular members chose to resign from the Council.

Click the links below to view the most recent Parish Council Agenda and Meeting Minutes:


Meeting Minutes

Click the link below to view the Parish Council Brochure:

Parish Council Brochure

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